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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  April 13, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. this is wjztv, wjzhd and, baltimore. from the city to the counties to your neighborhood, now it's complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's news station. hello, everybody, i'm denise koch. we begin with breaking news
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tonight. in the end three teenagers were shot and a city police officer was injured. we have more on this story coming up in jaws just a few minutes. actually kei jackson is live at the scene. >> reporter: that's right, a triple shooting out here in baltimore county. [ lost audio ] >> reporter: a triple shooting out here in baltimore county, denise, a very widespread crime scene and two suspects now in custody. a crime scene on turner station. about 8:20 wednesday night 3 teenagers were shot in front of a house in the 100 block of [ indiscernible ] >> it all started with an argument earlier today. elf it was an argument o
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evidently it was an argument that started at the school. >> reporter: they spotted a car that fit the description of the one involved. [ indiscernible ] all 3 victims, 2 females and one male were taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. and right now the police do have two suspects in custody. thinking it stemmed from an argument at the high school earlier. police say they have recovered something. we do know they have recovered a number of shell casings. right now the young woman was taken to the hospital. the two males were taken to johns hopkins hospital. we don't know anyone's name but we do understand their injuries
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were nonlife threatening. we'll have nor more for you as the information develops. and we will continue to follow this story. start digging deeper into your pockets. soon you will have to pay more for your water bill. outside city hall, kevin mcpherson -- kelly mcpherson. >> reporter: after a hike just three years ago, it's likely to go up again and the city implies this won't be the last time your water bill is going up. and it seems we have trouble with the tape. but i'll explain to you that basically the rate is going to go up 9% if approved by the city. all parties involved seem to say that it will go up because the city has several projects it has to pay for, including a
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1 billion-dollar infrastructure issue that we have to cover water storage facilities and as we have all known, there have been so many water main breaks. so the city is dealing with aging infrastructure. that is why there is likely to be a water hike. and we have a tape for you. >> baltimore city water is costing more, in part because of this, and this and this. it's no secret baltimore city suffers from old infrastructure. behind me is where one of the 4 main water breaks happened this year. in 2009 there were nearly 1200. says the city loses enough water to fill the stadium each day. >> if you really look at what we need to meet the current
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needs, you're talking over 20%, 25% increase. >> reporter: the people paying for the water say. >> they already have enough trouble drawing people toward their city, making it that much more unliveable put doesn't seem realistic. the water and sewer shoe pay for itself -- should pay for itself. >> reporter: on top of repairing and preventing water main breaks, has to update water storage facilities. >> it's not a for profit entity. we have to use the income from the water bills to pay for the infrastructure improvements. >> reporter: this hike would cost about $90 for a family of 4. >> i love it here. >> reporter: so it's worth it? >> yeah, it is. we're not going to move out of the city based on that but i would like for them to lower the taxes. if they would do that more people might move into the city
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and we could share the tax base. >> reporter: even though more utilize the water, it would only apply to baltimore city residents. thank you, kelly and there will be a public hearing before the hike passes. that is on may 18th. the faa is adding staff across the country after another air traffic controller fell asleep at the controls. it happened in reno nevada. an emergency medical flight had to land on its own when the operator fell asleep. in has happened in washington dc, seattle, and texas. and late today the faa announced it is having a second controller at 27 airports. the controler accused of falling asleep in nevada has been suspended. a little girl just 6 years old is patted down in an
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airport security line. parents are outraged. >> reporter: with her dad taping the incident, a 6-year- old girl is patted down by a taa agent. the tsa says its agent followed proper procedure says this will likely change. tsa has been actively reviewing its procedures for low risk populations. but is it necessary to pat down children. privacy experts say no way. security experts say absolutely. >> you can't take kids out of that because that would point terrorists toward a gaping hole in our security. >> reporter: the image of a 6- year-old girl being patted down disturbs some.
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>> i think you need to do a physical pat down. you can certainly do the legs but it definitely gets too physical. >> reporter: and others like leeanne say it's part of a post 9/11 world. >> as long as it's not too intrusive or rough. >> reporter: the head of the tsa is indicating he would like to move it to more intelligence based. mary, eyewitness news. also the government wants to hold airlines accountable tore for losing your luggage. if it's lost in transit you don't get a direct refund. major airlines who collect more than 3 million-dollar a year in bag fees are opposed to the idea. as someone tries to rob a
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bail bond business on eastern avenue. but then took off when an employee fired a weapon at them. police caught one suspect. the other is still at large. preying on children on their way to school. baltimore police are searching for a man who exposed himself to two young children. >> reporter: the carney elementary school community is on alert after a man flashed his genitals at two young students. >> these predators are riding around looking for little boys or little girls. >> i talked to both of my sons and reminded them about the stranger policies and that they knew what they were doing. >> reporter: police say the two boys were walking to school together just a couple blocks away. >> the suspect offered to give the two victims a ride to school at which time the
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victims jumped into his faded red vehicle. >> reporter: he dropped them off here. but police say just as they were getting out of the vehicle he unzipped his pants. >> the police report reveals the suspect also made several requests for the boys to rub his private parts. >> reporter: the boys didn't tell a teacher until several hours later. now police worry that he may be looking for other children. >> he is described as red hair, bushy eyebrows and -- and police describe the vehicle as a faded red suv or minivan. they believe there is a car seat in the back. >> reporter: those who picketed at a maryland's soldier will now take on a high school. their visit is expected to
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cause some -- will picket at mead air force base. will shut down disney road. say potesters will not be allowed on fort meade or on school property. barry bonds is facing prison time after he is found guilty on testimony he gave. joins us with bond's reaction. >> reporter: barry bonds is one of the greatest baseball players of all time and holds the most coveted records but now he could be headed to jail. he signed autographs and smiled minutes after the -- the baseball super star was convicted of obstruction of justice. but the jury deadlocked on charges that elide about using -- he lied about using steroids. >> we want to thank the jury for its hard work. >> reporter: when bonds was
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setting home run records he was also using products made by value colab. he thought he was only given natural supplements. the jury could not agree on who bonds lied. >> the evidence that he did steroids, but did he knowingly do steroids. we couldn't answer that. >> reporter: a reporter asked him who he might play for yet. 46-year-old bonds said, i can't play baseball. federal guidelines call for only 10 15 to 21 months. his lawyers want the charges thrown out. an attack with a still et oh. it has happened again, another young child given alcohol at a restaurant by
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mistake. what the restaurant has to say. a mother drags her minivan into a river with her children inside. one survived. i'll have that story coming up. warming sunshine headed our way. i'm bob turk, i'll have the complete warning forecast coming up next. complete coverage continues with denise koch, vic carter, kei jackson and first warning weather with bob turk and sports with mark viviano. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,nd's news
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. it is partly cloudy, 51 degrees in maryland right now. police arrested a woman that was caught using a stiletto heel. police say heather sam's used the shoe to gouge a man's eye. police have not said what sparked the attack. a woman in new york has done the unthinkable. she drove herself and 3 of her children to their death in the hudson river. >> angela gill yam grieved for her niece in new york. police say 25-year-old lashonda armstrong took her own life and killed 3 of her 4 children when they drove off a boat ramp. less than an hour before she
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had called police. but no one was at armstrong's home when police arrived. >> she was a good mother. >> reporter: armstrong's 3 youngest children, ages 11 months, 2 and 25 all died in the frig -- 5 all died in the frigid water. >> he managed to open one of the vehicles and climb out of the vehicle before it sunk. >> reporter: the boy was able to swim here to shore and was spotted by someone passing by. he could barely speak when he was taken to a nearby fire station. armstrong's neighbors say she was a good mother. >> her kids meant a lot to her. >> reporter: police say there was no record of domestic violence though she had mentioned problems. fire crews report the
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surviving boy had less than 2 minutes to escape. a florida mother's outrage when she finds out her son was served alcohol instead of orange juice. the toddler was not harmed. the family says they plan to sue. your days of shopping at super fresh may be coming to an end. plans to sell most of its stores. 22 locations will be put up for sale as part of restructuring. the stores will stay open until the bidding process is complete. it is automatic that you will find the newest member of the zoo adorable. an endangered member of the -- he is 2 months old.
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zoo keepers say that's the age when they learn to leap. they can cover 20 feet in a single bound. what a cute little creature. as are you, bob. >> reporter: we're going to bound into some bright sunshine, a really nice day. boy, we deserve it. it's down to 51. west, southwest wind, that will bring the warmer air in. on the way back up, humidity pretty high, but it is nighttime. 3 in oakland and -- 3 39 in oakland. right now around the region, upper 40s a couple of spot and upper 50s most places. the average this time of year, right now 64/41. the record, 89.
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the record low, 26 degrees. now in the city officially we passed our freeze date so you could tech technically plant in the city. that will give us some milder air tomorrow. the low pressure that was over the region with all the lads -- clouds and rain finally moved away. clear skies coming in. the northwest, another front that is going to slip through the area on friday. it will give us a few clouds. what happens is that front is going to stall out in portions of virginia. the winds go back to the east. low pressure out to the west is going to head out toward our region with clouds on saturday. so look for cooler temps on saturday with rain likely pretty much all day long. could see an inch ever of rain
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here on saturday. the mild air stays south. we'll get that wind kicking in on friday. north bay, around 51 degrees. tonight then generally clear later on. seasonal temperatures. sunshine pleasant and back up to a beautiful day. 61. cooler with some clouds on saturday. 60. 70 and 68. partly cloudy skies for sunday and monday. denise. coming up the rain stops and the orioles hope to face a winning streak. coming up next. ,,,,
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well, they did play ball. mark is here with our sports report. >> reporter: yeah, even in a good year there are going to be some bad nights. last neat it was the rain out, tonight a blow out.
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a cold wet night at yankee stadium where the os hot start begins to fizzle. tonight had the feel of the same old struggles we've had in new york for years. the first 4 batters got hit. alex rodriguez had the biggest, a 3 run homerun. it was 3-0 in the first inning. he allowed 6 runs. and the birds were buried early. that makes two consecutive -- reached 29 straight innings without a run. burnett had 5 strike outs. well the os did finally break that scoreless. bryan roberts also homered but it was too little too late. new york moves into a first place tie with baltimore. a reunion of former orioles
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in seattle. chris ray facing slugger -- with a towering 3 run homer to give the blue jays the lead. the jays rally for an 8-3 win. in basketball the nba finds lakers all-star kobe bryant $100,000 for his use of a home oh phobic slur during a nationally televised game. the league says the slur is offensive. bryant says his words came in the heat of the moment and should not be taken literally. he said the words don't reflect his feelings toward the gay community. hockey playoffs start tonight. with the new york rangers, tight game. late in the first overtime.
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alex similar mon will -- simmons will unleash. the capitals open the playoffs with a win over the rangers. join me on the radio tomorrow at 10:00. i think we'll have some phone calls about this barry bonds verdict. you might. names its most beautiful women of the year. so who is the fairest of them all? find ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a 41-year-old mother of twins is named the most beautiful woman by -- magazine. the magazine first produced the special issue in 1990. this is the first time j j'lo
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has been honored. whether lips are getting ready for the royal wedding. we're not talking about kate middleton however. those are the lips, the trumpeters. their fanfare will ring out when the royal couple ties the knot. they will play a new piece called valiant and ,,
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letterman is next with kortney cox. thank you


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